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John Pereless, President & CEO of Pereless Software, a global software development firm delivering business solutions and custom applications.

John Pereless- Reasons to Use a PHP Framework

Saturday, 24 January 2015

As a developer, you can code faster and easily with a framework, said John Pereless. PHP framework is one of the most popularly used frameworks that abridged the paths to make coding easier. We are always looking for something better, don’t we ask John Pereless. If you are an experienced PHP developer or want to become one, this article will give you a clear picture about the advantages of PHP framework.

Better Inbuilt Functions
PHP framework has great inbuilt functions and thus offers the advantage of bridging tough tasks to achieve great results. PHP codes can be used to simplify various functions suggests John Pereless.

PHP is gaining popularity as website development tool, suggests John Pereless. With the presence of number of tools it helps you to build a website easily. Plenty of plugins can also help to add versatility to your website.

According to John Pereless, it is important to protect your website from potential attacks and PHP framework can help you to achieve the same. Many filtering functions protect your website from certain attacks.

Rapid Application Development
After you are experienced in designing a website with PHP framework, you can enjoy the benefits of having to code less and develop the website at a faster pace suggests John Pereless. Being more organized, you can easily maintain the code or change the existing one.

Community Support
Active communities support PHP frameworks advocates John Pereless. As a developer, you can talk to other people, ask for their feedback, get help or share your experience with them.

Most of the popular PHP frameworks can be availed free of cost, said John Pereless. As PHP framework helps the developers to code easily and faster for a website, the cost for developing a website is less.

Wire-Frame before Coding
Using wire-frame before coding is a good practice suggests John Pereless. Wire-frame clubs all the essential elements and make sure that they are placed rightly. A logical work flow can be made before actually starting with the coding process advised John Pereless.

Suitable for Teamwork
Projects that are organized in PHP framework can help a team of developers to perform their task in a better manner suggests John Pereless. People can distribute their work as a team and work on different areas.

So the next time you want to get a website designed, use PHP framework advised John Pereless as it would make your work easy and efficient results can be availed at shorter time period.

John Pereless: Build a Strategy for Effective Social Media Marketing

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

According to John Pereless, social media websites give a chance to different online businesses to showcase their services in an effective manner. If you are also interested in showcasing your services to a large customer base, build out an effective social media marketing strategy for your audience suggests John Pereless.

Know Your Audience
John Pereless advocates that while designing an effectual marketing strategy, it is important to know your audiences. Ask yourself, who are you trying to target? Having knowledge about your targeted audience will help you to keep their preferences in mind. For instance: While LinkedIn users majorly compromise of graduates, Facebook users are principally teenagers. So match the marketing efforts with the social media websites on which your targeted audiences are spending their most of the time, suggests John Pereless.

Allocate Budget
You need to set a budget for social media marketing strategy. Having a prefixed budget will help you to design your marketing scheme accordingly suggests John Pereless. Make a list of different tools and services that are required by you. As recommended by John Pereless, you can even outsource different services. A well established strategy will help you to focus on your targeted audience in a better manner.

Analyze the Competitors
If you want to remain ahead in the race, analyzing your competitor’s weaknesses and strengths can really help you recommends John Pereless. Start discussions with your teammates to find a solution to design a better marketing strategy. You can ask your audience to share your articles and blogs on social media websites as this will help you in gaining additional benefit advocates John Pereless.

Content is the King
Having knowledge about the content that will be published on your website is also important. Write interesting and engaging content to attract the audience. Further John Pereless recommends company owners to remain consistent in posting blogs or other information on their website. Interesting and informative posts will help you to gain the attention of internet traffic to your website suggests John Pereless.

Choose a Channel
If you have a small business, it is always beneficial to choose a specific social media website to market your company rather than advertising it on every website advised John Pereless. Avoid wasting your time on every channel, rather choose your targeted audience recommends John Pereless.

So if you want to advertise your business over different social media websites, build up an effective marketing strategy.

John Pereless- Some Commonly Committed E-commerce Mistakes

Friday, 9 January 2015

First impression is important and if you own an E-commerce website it becomes more vital. According to John Pereless, if your business website is not user friendly and has a poor design, it can decrease its chances of attracting potential customers. Improper customization or even a single error in the website design can drive away your customers. Therefore John Pereless lists out some mistakes that are commonly committed by people looking forward to get an E-commerce website designed.

Bad Navigation

According to John Pereless, an e-commerce website that is not easy to navigate would drive your visitors away. It is important that a new user can easily navigate your website without any difficulty. If the visitor is not able to find what he is looking for he will definitely move on to another website that can possibly belongs to your competitor suggests John Pereless.

No Call to Action Line

Having a clear call to action line is important for an e-commerce business as it would give the visitors a chance to get in touch with the company professionals said John Pereless. A clear call to action line must be present on the website and it should prompt the visitors to fill out a form, make a purchase or subscribe to your newsletter suggests John Pereless.

Not an Attractive Website

John Pereless said that “If you are having an e-commerce website, it is important to have a well designed and attractive website”. Users would like to stay on for long if they find something interesting on your website. John Pereless advocates that people often choose to design a cheap website for their businesses and this is regarded as one of the biggest mistake.

Lack of Description

According to John Pereless, when people are shopping online, they often look for product description before purchasing it. As there is no interaction between the salesman and customer, product description helps the customer to reach a decision whether to purchase the services or not. So if you are having an e-commerce website, do not forget to write complete description of the product, said John Pereless.

Lack of Payment Options

A large number of e-commerce websites commit this mistake. In certain cases, customers have a single payment option and this may sometimes drive the customer away from the site. Think about your targeted customers and avoid committing this mistake recommends John Pereless.

It is also important that the website have a readable font so that your prospective customers can easily find out what they are looking for, suggests John Pereless

John Pereless- Mistakes to Avoid For Better Online Reputation

Monday, 5 January 2015

Reputation management services are increasingly becoming important for online businesses, suggests John Pereless. This is an essential aspect of the management services as it helps the companies to understand different activities that can harm their business or decrease their brand value. According to John Pereless, online damage or bad publicity is often seen as a costly mistake that is committed by various business owners. Therefore, John Pereless advocates a list of mistakes that must be avoided to gain user’s attention and to have a good online reputation.

The content creator
Who is creating content for your website asks John Pereless? Remember to have professional and experienced content writers, who can work according to your company’s policies, guidelines and other regulations. According to John Pereless, consider your online customers important and thus post only relevant and engaging information. If you are posting something on the behalf of your company make sure that you are not distracted or under anybody’s influence while writing the content. Always think about your targeted audience before writing a post, comment or other informative piece suggests John Pereless.

Customer is always right
According to John Pereless, always give your online customers what they are looking for. New online businesses have a limited customer base therefore it is important to build their confidence. Never argue with your customers as it can ruin your business reputation suggests John Pereless. Remain professional and calm when dealing with your customers and try to sell your services and products in the best manner. If you want to be known as a helpful company that listens to its customer’s grievances and problems, remember that clients are always right.

John Pereless suggests that telling a lie about your services or behaving in an inappropriate manner with your clients can ruin your brand value therefore; remain professional with your customers. Do not post silly images, irrelevant content or anything inappropriate about your competitors. According to John Pereless, many companies take quick reactions but regret their decision later on. Therefore make a wise and informed decision to maintain your company’s online reputation.

According to John Pereless, the most important factor that can help you to increase the online reputation of your company is to remain consistent with the online posts. If you avoid the possible pitfalls, you can easily gain the trust of a large customer base. So to increase the reputation of your online businesses avoid these possible mistakes suggests John Pereless

John Pereless - E-Mail Marketing Tips to Attract Customers

According to John Pereless, having a well-planned marketing campaign for your new or an established business is important. There is no guarantee that your customers will always stay loyal to your businesses and thus it becomes essential to attract their interest toward your business. E-mail marketing is a cost-effective and one of the fastest ways to communicate with your loyal clients. As suggested by John Pereless, businesses must work hard to keep their subscribers happy.

E-mails Frequency
There is no right or correct answer that defines the exact frequency of E-mails, said John Pereless but it is important to send e-mails to your customers for a successful campaign. Businesses should be consistent with their mails and send them regularly to their clients, recommends John Pereless. To give value to their customers, companies must not mail their customers once a while or overdo with the mailing part but should be consistent.

Provide Value
John Pereless advocates that it is important to offer reliable and true product reviews to attract individual’s attention. People love to read true reviews about a product or services before buying it. While planning a marketing campaign companies often struggle to attract their clients, however an e-mail marketing campaign can help them to focus on their targeted audience easily said John Pereless.

Easy Availability
Effective marketing campaigns help company owners to answer different challenges faced by their customers said John Pereless. With the increasing list of their regular customers companies can gain knowledge about different challenges faced by their clients. John Pereless suggests that if you help your customers and answer their queries, reputation of your company will increase and people in large number would like to buy your services.

Great Flexibility
According to John Pereless, E-mail marketing can work for any kind of business. Businesses can easily increase their sales by opting for the right kind of marketing strategy. You can connect with your customers and readers by updating newsletters regularly. Special offers and festive discounts can also attract your customers suggested John Pereless.

While planning marketing strategies for your business do not forget to target the mobile users says John Pereless. With the increasing use of mobile phones, a shift in the trend of internet browsing has been seen. Your website should be responsive advocates John Pereless so that people can easily view it in different browsers. So choose the right way to market your business and to attract customer’s attention.

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